Sunday, July 31, 2011

Prestige Smart Kitchen: Festival Greeting !!!This festival season Presti...

Prestige Smart Kitchen:

Festival Greeting !!!This festival season Presti...
: "Festival Greeting !!! This festival season Prestige Smart Kitchen, Vanastalipuram, Hyderabad brings great discounts on all Prestige kitche..."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PRESTIGE - Festival Dhamaka Sale

Festival Greeting !!!
This festival season Prestige Smart Kitchen, Vanastalipuram, Hyderabad brings great discounts on all Prestige kitchen ware.
Customers can avail exciting exchange offers also. They can bring any old kitchen appliance like cooker, mixer, grinder, oven, electric rice cooker, Gas stove etc to exchange with new Prestige Smart kitchen appliances at big discounted prices.
Our privileged customers can get
On Pressure Cookers -------- 10-15% off

Non-Stick Cookware--------- 10-20% off
(Du-point-Teflon Coated) + (Induction base non-stick cookware)

Mixers-Grinders ------------ 25% off

LPG-Stoves& Cook tops ----- 25% off

Induction Cook Tops -------- 25% off

Chimneys & Hobs ----------- 20-25% off

Electric Kitchen Appliances -- 20% off

(Rice Cookers, Sand-witch toasters, Kettles, Express Coffee Makers, Steam/Dry IRONS, Bread Toasters, Micro ovens, Juicers etc....)

Are you planning to cook 5kg + Dal / rice / biryani /Mutton etc this festive holiday season and treat your pals and relatives then you should definitely try Prestige 16 liter / 20 liter Prestige Pressure Cookers. You can with at-most ease and cook quickly. It takes hardly 5-8 minutes after whistle.

For more and more exciting products visit our showroom.
we accept BIG Corporate Bulk orders.

Happy Festive Season
Gift your loved ones with Prestige Products.

Are you ready for Smart Kitchen ?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prestige - modular kitchens

Now Prestige brings Modular kitchens into the market. Prestige is known brand for quality and durability. The merits of Modular Kitchen Designs lie in the fact that they make cooking a celebration.Designs of Modular Kitchen look organized as well as offer ample storage by optimizing the available space.An ideal kitchen should not be just stylish, but also make cooking, grinding, frying easy. And Modular Kitchens give us that convenience and at the same time, modish features make it a great place to work.important Kitchen Accessories like ventilators, chimneys, sink etc are inbuilt; we do not have to worry about installing them later.
In fact, these days many people in India and abroad are opting for Modular Designs for their home. Since both, the husband and wife go out to work; the time that is spent in the kitchen is very less. And the urge to have a maintenance-free Kitchen can get a respite by installing modular kitchens ion our homes

Thursday, November 20, 2008

flat chimney

  • Flat Chimney
  • Available in 460 m3/hr & 600 m3/hr suction power
  • Convertible model - can be used with charcoal filters and also in duct out way
  • halogen light
  • 2 washable multi layer aluminum mesh filters
  • most ideal for smaller kitchen rooms

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Classic steel chimney - 60cm

  • Satin finish salem stainless steel body
  • 60 cm wide - suitable for most cooktops
  • 2 washable metal grease filters
  • 1000 m3/hour suction
  • 250 watts motor for better suction
  • 11 watts energy saving CL lamp for bright lights
  • 3 speed settings
  • Also available in solid black colour

Steel Chimney 90 cm - mirror finish

  • Canopy and front glass made of heat:resistant tempered glass
  • 228 watts motor = low power consumption
  • 760 m3/hr suction capacity
  • Attractive digital display with digital clock
  • Washable aluminum metal grease filter
  • Easy to maintain, easy to clean
  • Matt finish, high quality stainless steel body
  • Halogen lamps for better illumination
  • From trusted brand name - PRESTIGE